Joining Our lodge

We welcome new members from all professions and backgrounds.  Our current membership includes employed and self-employed people -  Electrician, Gas and Plumbing Engineer, Accountant, I.T. Consultant, Communication Engineer, Software Sales Executive, Police Officer, Retail Manager, Security Consultant, School Student Support Manager, Farmer, administrators, corporate managers, directors as well as retired gentlemen. We are looking to build our membership around people who are 25+. We have an active Lodge Mentor supported by a core group of members who help support those either waiting or recently initiated.

We meet on the first Friday of each month from October to April.

We are a traditional Lodge, proud of our heritage and keen to maintain our identity. We uphold the virtues of masonry undertaking the ritual of Emulation with variations. We strive to achieve this in a friendly and inclusive manner. Guests are frequent and made to feel very welcome. Lodge business is conducted to high standards, but the emphasis is on enjoyment during our assemblies and particularly at the Festive Board afterwards. What a great way to finish your week in the company of likeminded people with a four course meal for just £20.00 and a club priced bar.


We support both masonic and local non-masonic charities.


We regularly communicate with our members and encourage those who wish to progress as well as support those who may wish to reflect or take their time in becoming more accustomed to our fraternity before advancing.


For those who are interested in progressing we have our weekly LOI on a Tuesday evening (September to April), from 7pm with a visit to a local pub after. During the season we try and include some curry nights and in April we hold our LOI supper.


Administration of our Lodge is undertaken at monthly committee meetings (September to April) to which all our members are welcome to attend, ensuring we maintain our ethos of being an open, progressive, inclusive Lodge.

We look forward to your enquiry and ask that you complete our contact form. 

Thank you